Monday, November 20, 2017

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 13, 2017

Giving thanks, because I am living

Appreciation for the food that's been given

Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and gravy

Cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie will fill me

Gathering with Family and friends

The thankfulness never ends

Cut the Turkey, so tender to chew

I take off my hat, and salute you

Green bean casserole, I'll try some

Although, it's not for everyone

So much food, to pick from

I'll just fill my plate some

My belly knows how much to eat

Yet my mind doesn't know defeat

Belly versus mind, the battle never stops

Until the button on my pants, pops

I can't eat all that food, no way

You have way too much, on display

I'll just have a dab of this and that

Maybe I'll get by without getting too fat

I appreciate the food that's been given

I give thanks, because I am living

Thanksgiving is always being thankful

for everything you have. Food, and so

much more.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

All In A Year

All In A Year

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 8, 2017

The leaves on the trees have fallen

I hear the Winter winds calling

Snow has begun, flakes are in the air

Icy roads are found, almost everywhere

Thanksgiving and Turkey, always sound great

Holiday goodies, I'll gain some more weight

The Christmas tree and gifts on Christmas Day

An end of a year that wouldn't stay

A new year, and freshly fallen snow

As my mind takes in all there is to know

Another year older, and wiser too

Picking up experiences that I never knew

More pictures to be taken

More poems I'll be making

Spring time cheer it'll be bringing

Birds come out and are singing

A Class Reunion, friends gather around

Mates in conversation, is a great sound

Summer brings heat, many on the beach

Fireworks high in the sky, out of reach

The butterflies fly away

It gets colder every day

Trick or Treat, it's once again Halloween

It's all in a year, and much more in between

Every year brings so much. And every year

may bring the same events, but each year it

is different in its own way. Changes that

make each year more special.

Saturday, November 4, 2017



© by Bud Lemire on Nov 4, 2017

When Jealousy has touched your heart

Hatred blossoms and plays its part

Soon, you will be believing

Darkness enters, so deceiving

What's all this hatred for

Why did you open that door

It was suppose to be love, all along

You stabbed a heart, and you were wrong

It embraced a heart so true

I know what it has done to you

You let it in, so let it free

For this jealous heart, is no part of me

Twist the truth, take the blame

Release this poison, from which it came

This ugly mask, that you have worn

Has ripped, and stabbed, and has torn

How did this ever come to be

That you could cause such misery

I hope some day, that you will see

Beyond the veil, of your jealousy

Jealousy is hatred that consumes you,

and makes it hard to think clearly. It

wraps around your heart and distorts

the love you feel, causing only pain.

Get the facts right, know that it will

only hurt you in the end. Don't let

jealousy win.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Why Take A Picture Of Me?

Why Take A Picture Of Me?

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 1, 2017

Why take a picture of me?” said The Butterfly

Because you are so beautiful to the eye

But I am just a Butterfly, nothing more”

Your wings are paintings, and you soar

Why take a picture of me?” a Rabbit asked of me

Because it's your beauty, that I see

But I am just a Rabbit, nothing more”

When you are hoping, it's too beautiful to ignore

Why take a picture of me?” a Robin asked of me

Because I love your song, and beauty is mine to see

But I am just a Robin, it's all I have ever been”

I know, but you are so very special, my friend

Why take a picture of me, said the Sun at Sunset

It was at Sunrise, that we had first met

It's because of your colors, and your light

The beauty we see, when we take in your sight

As two Teenage skateboarders, roll on by

They ask the question of why

Why take a picture of us?”

All I ask is for your parents trust

For I see beauty in each human being

That beauty is worth being seen

Every now and then I get some nasty feedback

on my photos. A recent one was that I took a

picture of their son and his girlfriend, who were

skateboarding down the sidewalk. There was

nothing wrong with it. Yet the Mother felt uneasy

that I had taken it and shown it on Facebook.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Facebook Drama

Facebook Drama

© by Bud Lemire on Oct 25, 2017

There's Drama on Facebook, that's nothing new

Politics and Religion, and their Point of view

Sally Sue has a new boyfriend, and Kerry and Jim have broken up

Liz bought a new Tea Pot, and she posted a picture of the cup

Did you hear what happened to Jane?

Her boyfriend had a fit and went insane

Millie posted a picture of her wedding in the park

Power went out in Seattle, many are in the dark

Moe and Mary had an argument, and aren't speaking to each other

Sue was reunited in Los Angeles, with her long lost brother

Did you see the post Joan put on her page?

Why it's just too wild, for a woman her age

People are sharing thoughts, nothing is private any more

It shows up on my news feed, and it's too hard to ignore

There's more Drama on Facebook, I wonder if it's true

Tongues are flopping constantly, and it's not from a shoe


Sunday, October 22, 2017

You Don't See, You Don't Know

You Don't See, You Don't Know

© by Bud Lemire on Oct 22, 2017

If you look at me, I may not look sick

Having a good Make-Up kit, does the trick

What you don't see, is what I don't show

There is so much more, that you don't know

To be seen in public, I need to look alright

I want everyone to see, and it look good to their sight

Underneath, my hair is falling out

Even though my appearance, may leave you doubt

Under it all, I am so very weak

My days could be better, yet they're bleak

I can't do the “Everyday” things, that are normal to you

In fact, there are many things now, that I can't do

Some people won't believe, that I am this way

They aren't in my shoes, I live with it every day

Nurses come to check on me, to see if I am alright

Many times I find it hard to sleep at night

If you look at me, I may not look sick

Having a good Make-Up kit, does the trick

I'm sick underneath, but I'll never let it show

What you don't see, is what you don't know

When you are sick with a serious illness, you

still want to look your best. It's harder, because

we have hair falling out, and splotches on our skin,

or lumps, or various other things, that we wish to

be covered and not showing. We want to, and wish

very much to be as normal as possible. But under

it all, we are going through much more than you

will ever know. Because what you don't see, is

what you don't know about us.

Where Did The Time Go?

Where Did The Time Go?

© by Bud Lemire on Oct 21, 2017

Everyone at one time or another, knows someone in a Nursing Home

The reasons could be dementia, an illness, or not wanting to be left alone

It's hard to believe, but one day it might happen to you

And you'll be wondering, where did the time go to

Get everything out of life, while you're in your prime

Because before long, you'll find you're out of time

We are mortal, we age as time travels pass

Our lives are precious, it goes by very fast

Nap time can come at any time, in a wheelchair

In the Dining room, or almost anywhere

I would like a visitor, maybe a game or two”

Sitting here like this, there's nothing I can do”

I forget where I am, is there somewhere I need to be?”

Sometimes I can't hear, sometimes it's hard to see”

I can't make sense of everything, but I'll give it a try”

Give me a push somewhere, if you are passing by”

When you get old, it isn't any fun

Knowing, that our life is almost done

You'll be asking the question, that others still don't know

The years have passed on by, where did the time go

We normally go through life, just living it. Never thinking

that one day we will be old and be frail and lose some of

our senses. But it happens to us all. Sometimes an illness

will take us away. It happens to many of us, for we can not

cheat time. Time waits for no one. It happens, and we as

mortals, must mature and grow old too. But how we treat

those who are much older than we are, is how we want to

be treated when we are old and need the understanding

that they need.