Thursday, June 14, 2018

Play It Again, Jerry

Play It Again, Jerry

© by Bud Lemire on June 13, 2018

He plays some great tunes, on the piano keys

With his magic for music, and the greatest of ease

Play it again, Jerry, I've got a request

I know when you play, it is the best

Tune up the piano, because of the weather

Because what you play, it gives us so much pleasure

With a smile on his face, he plays

The piano keys move, and he swings and sways

The Entertainer, he'll play for you

He even plays the Accordion too

Come on people, let's listen to Jerry

The music he plays, will make you feel merry

His sense of humor, brings a laugh from the crowd

Many will smile, and laugh out loud

That's not the name of the song!

He knows that already, he's never wrong

Thanks for the music Jerry, you struck the right key

A song means a lot, when it is played for me

You brought back some memories, with the song you played

Look at my face, and you can see the smile it has made

You got my soul a dancing, I just had to say

Let's hear another song Jerry, let's hear you play

I first heard Jerry Beauchamp on the Accordion at North Woods

Place. He's played many years on Mackinac Island. His ear for

music has brought music to the ears of his audience. He plays

music with a musical talent and so much zest. He tunes the piano

so it plays the best, so he can give his best. Thank you my friend

for playing the music we love to hear.

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Compassionate Touch

A Compassionate Touch

© by Bud Lemire on May 26, 2018

We're in need of, A Compassionate Touch

For those going through, so very much

So many people, truly don't understand

This knowledge must reach them, and then expand

How can you really, understand what they go through

You're not in their shoes, and they are not you

Many times you only know a part

When you do understand, you touch their heart

For someone, who's illness, is so very strong

Feeling so weak, they need your song

A touch of compassion, a listening ear

Because in their reality, they have so much to fear

Every day, has a difficult choice within

Neither choices are ones you can win

Seeing so many Doctors, they experiment on me”

Sometimes it backfires, but it was worth it to see”

You see, people judge without knowing the story complete

I find myself always having to repeat

Still I can't sink it into their head

So many don't get it, I turn away in frustration instead

Just remember this, you don't know everything

A better understanding, is what everyone should bring

Learn to realize, and thank you very much

To look upon each person, with a Compassionate Touch

We truly need a Compassionate Touch. People need to know

that we truly don't know what the other person has gone through.

How can we judge them, without knowing the whole story. We have

no clue of all they have gone through. Once we are knowing, then we

are growing. Let's grow together and understand them better.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Snowy White Owl

Snowy White Owl

© by Bud Lemire on May 9, 2018

It was like any other day

It happened on the fifth of May

I was on the Aronson Island, to the shore

Yet on this day, there so much more

I spotted something, closer to shore

A white head, yet I had to see more

I grabbed my camera, and used the zoom

Not too close, it needed the room

A Snowy White Owl, what a sight to see

It was looking around, and watching me

Its head went almost, all the way around

As it sat there staring, right there on the ground

I tried to get closer, a different angel to get

It took off in flight, but it was Seagulls it met

Back to the shelter of trees it flew

Not far from the lake, that was a pretty blue

I took a video, and more pictures too

A voice inside me said “Bud, it's looking at you”

Since that day, it seemed easy to find

On a boat, a building, and even a Shopko sign

It was a special day for me when I saw the Snowy

White Owl. I was just looking at Owls online, and

thinking, “I would love to get a picture of an owl.”

Well, someone was listening, because there it was,

and I saw. They are amazing creatures, and look so

unreal with they way look and move. I'm so happy

I had the opportunity to see one and capture it with

my camera in pictures and videos.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Springtime In Da U.P.

Springtime In Da U.P.

© by Bud Lemire on May 2, 2018

Nothing is better, when you listen and hear

Da birds of da U.P., singing their Springtime cheer

Several are coming back, from their migration south

Starting a new family, feeding the little ones by mouth

The ice has melted, and buds are sprouting

A great time to enjoy, a Springtime outing

The little black flies, are flying everywhere

In swarms, they always seem to take over the air

Soon, the grass will be green

Until then, yellow is seen

I love to hear, the birds up in a tree

Their songs, always mean so much to me

Even the squirrels and chipmunks, are scurrying around

And the rabbits, are hopping all over the ground

The Geese and the Ducks, flying here and there

Of course the Seagulls, can be found everywhere

Buds in the trees, some leaves will be green

A great time to enjoy, such a beautiful scene

Springtime is great, when you're in da U.P.

So much beauty, and so very much to see

Springtime in da U.P. Is indeed a wonderful time

of the year. The the start of things changing from

cold to warm. New families starting for the creatures

we share this planet with. The ice is gone, and we see

the blue water. We can shed our coats for something

lighter to wear. Oh yes, I love Springtime in da U.P.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Tree Of Genealogy

The Tree Of Genealogy

© by Bud Lemire on April 18, 2018

Once again, I'm deep into my family tree

Gathering relatives, and what they mean to me

Cousins, they seem to be everywhere

I bet I even have some, who are unaware

You have to have an interest, in your family history

Willing to delve into, those who are a mystery

If you aren't interested, distant cousins you'll not find

Out of your reach, are those not on your mind

I like to see their pictures, those relatives of mine

And know that when I research, it is a special sign

That their wishes, are to share all that I do

With cousins and other relatives, so they would know too

I tried a new method, adding their information to an index card

It's easier to follow them, and it doesn't make it hard

I can find missing information, any time at all

Because many times, I come upon a brick wall

Just when you think, that they are out of sight

Information will appear, with a guiding light

Just be a little patient, because when the time is right

You'll soon find yourself, caught up in family delight

Nothing is more interesting, than doing your family history

Where did they come from, unravel the family mystery

Nothing is more fun, than climbing the Tree of Genealogy

Finding so many relatives, and how they're related to me

I started researching my ancestry in 1990. And have found

out so much about my ancestors and other relatives. I even

took a trip to Quebec in 2001, and met so many relatives, and

walked the land my ancestors did. I've met many cousins, who

have become very dear to my heart. It's been an amazing climb,

and I think I shall enjoy it for many years to come.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Grandma's Funeral

Grandma's Funeral

© by Bud Lemire on March 22, 2018

They came to her Funeral, for the final farewell

She's gone to Heaven, after going through hell

The one person she loved, just wasn't there

She didn't realize, she was unaware

How could she know, her Grandma never died

Her soul is in a universe, that is very wide

Although in physical form, she wasn't here

If she listened closely, to the whisper in her ear

Dear sweet Granddaughter, if only you knew”

I'm with you often, the afterlife is true”

Shed those tears, that I see are falling”

The Angels guided me, and I heard them calling”

How can I make you, understand this”

So the Grandmother in spirit, gave her a kiss

She looked around, but didn't feel any fear

As she wondered about, what had happened here

It was a strong tingle, she felt it all at one time

But she knew for sure, she wasn't losing her mind

As she looked around, without even a word

I'm always with you” was what she heard

When our loved ones pass away, we miss their

physical presence. But they are always around

and know exactly what we are going through.

Their love for us never ends, just as our love for

them never ends. We have their love for an eternity,

just as they have ours.

Sunday, March 18, 2018



© by Bud Lemire on Feb 20, 2018

Earlier this year, I was presented with a choice to make

Between the two, there was only one I could take

It was tangled up necklaces, and could I take them apart

I could have easily said no, but it was a challenging piece of art

In life, there are challenges in each day

Some may seem hard, but we always find a way

We may think we can't do it, but if only we try

We will overcome them, every day until we die

It may take some time, or willpower from within

With a little patience, I am positive you can win

Don't give up, work on it and you'll see

Like a jigsaw puzzle, one piece at a time is the key

One step at a time, and soon you will be done

You thought you couldn't do it, you fooled everyone

Because you thought you could, there was no stopping you

Your positive attitude, is what got you through

Many times in life, this is what we'll find

Something that we can't comprehend, within our mind

But with a little effort, we find out something more

The Challenges are lessons, too hard to ignore

Everyday we are faced with challenges. Some are bigger

and some are smaller, yet we still have them. We manage

to get through them all. Just when you think you can't, you

are through it and have done it. Being positive helps.