Thursday, September 13, 2018

Filemma (Sept 13, 2018)


© by Bud Lemire on Jan 30 - 31, 2017

She didn't know, how she could break free

And thought being trapped there, was her destiny

Filemma was special, and yet she didn't know

She hadn't used her powers, so they didn't grow

When they came for her, not too long ago

Shackling her brutally, depressing her very soul

It's not so much, the cause of what she had done

Her captors, always liked a little fun

They blamed her for the uprising, in the southern part

Rising up against their ruler, upsetting the apple cart

She didn't see them hiding, around the corner of her house

They certainly were quiet, these rats were not a mouse

They had her shackled, tightly against the wall

Hanging up high, if she got out she'd surely fall

And yet she had a feeling, that maybe it wouldn't be

Yet what would break these shackles, and would set her free

Her mind took her back, thinking of an earlier time

When her Mother, Fortuana, had given her a sign

She said “We come from a line, of powerful sorcerers”

We covered our powers, by selling many kinds of furs”

She remembered something as a kid

But wasn't sure what a sorcerer did

Maybe something to do with magic, in a way

Could it be in something, that she would say

Words were forming in her mind

Using her thoughts, she let them unwind

She pushed out at her restraint

Her shackles flew to the wall, like glitter paint

It didn't take much of a push, to set herself free

Now to escape this prison, and then she would see

As she peeked around the corner, she could see a guard

If there was only one, it shouldn't be so hard

She wondered how this sorcery, would work on a living man

So she once again pushed, while doing a body scan

She didn't push too hard, she finally had the knack

That guard toppled over, as if from a heart attack

Who needed weapons, when you had the power of sorcery

So powerful this magic, that it had set her free

This was the easy part, but more enemies were outside the wall

She wondered if her magic, would work against them all

She came to a door, and wondered where it lead

Opening it slowly, she saw someone sitting on a bed

A man with purple hair, and eyes the purest blue

My Name is Mesco, please take me away with you”

Mesco was in a prison, and would need to be set free

She pushed at the door, and it opened without a key

Mesco smiled, as the door opened wide

And soon he was looking at the prison, from the outside

Filemma and Mesco headed down the hall

A dead end, it had lead them to a wall

Mesco pointed and whispered, “Out the back way”

The door that held the prison, brought them to the light of day

Before them lead a path, that lead to a mass of trees

A forest at the end, on one branch was a hive of bees

They followed the path, to see where it would go

Mesco took the lead, he seemed to know

He slowed down, and turned to Filemma to say

There is hidden danger, if we go this way”

Filemma asked “what are you talking about?”

Then a fast movement, brought on a wild shout

Little people holding spears, behind the trees they came

So this was the hidden danger,” Filemma thought without any blame

They were speaking, with their spears pointing ahead

So Filemma and Mesco, followed where they were lead

Following the little people, down the path that twists and turns

They passed trees, and bushes, and also many ferns

Little round houses, that looked to be made of grass

They came across a little woman, she was showing her ass

She was dancing in the middle of a circle, as people cheered

Filemma hope that they weren't forced into, doing something that she feared

They passed the dancer, and stopped by the biggest house

A little fat man was standing in the doorway, the woman must be his spouse

They motioned the captives inside, to a chair where they could sit

Across the room inside, a big candle was being lit

Mesco whispered “these are the Gitchies, this is a ceremony they hold”

Filemma was glad to know this, happy that she had been told

She asked Mesco, what would happen next

Mesco replied smiling, “Nothing to do with sex”

Relieved, yet that never cross her mind

She was happy to know, Mesco seemed so kind

A man stood up in front, and started to speak

Mesco with his forefinger, touched her on the cheek

He said “he is talking about us, to his people's ears”

Filemma listened, but she didn't have any fears

Mesco stood up, and spoke to them in their tongue

Words that flowed together, like a song that had been sung

Mesco turned to Filemma, and this is what he said

Because we are enemies of the Castle men, we will not be dead”

These are the Gitchies” said Mesco with a smile

They have lived in these woods for quite awhile”

They want to know, what brought you here”

And to also tell you, you have nothing to fear”

Filemma looked up, and in her memory

Found that place, that brought her misery

I was bathing , not far from here, in the nude”

When the Castle Men, came upon me, and they were so rude”

they held my clothes, watching as I came out”

They called me dirty names, they started to shout”

They let me get dressed, then tied me with a rope”

Until a memory came upon me, I had given up on hope”

Mesco smiled again, as they Gitchies asked how they got free

Filemma replied “I realized through a memory, I retained sorcery”

You come from beyond the Mountains,” said a Gitchy from the rear

Emotional, Filemma replied “yes,” with a tear

I was searching for my sister, wondering where she could be”

She wasn't with the same Castle men, so I couldn't set her free”

Some men like the Castle men, had taken her away”

I've been searching for her, every night and day”

A female Gitchy stepped forward, “There is a place called Consoom”

A big place with many people, but it may cause you your doom”

Many Castle men, and people, from all around”

They dwell in this place, and here she might be found”

The female Gitchy point to the East

And said before they leave, they'll join them in a feast

The Feast with many foods, so many Gitchies from everywhere

They even gave Filemma, some food that they could spare

One final gift, we give to you today”

A charmed necklace,” as the female Gitchy walked away

Whenever you need help, rub this charm light”

It will help you anywhere, whether day or night”

A Gitchy guided them, to a place to lay their head

It wasn't quite as comfortable, as their own familiar bed

But soon Filemma and Mesco, faded into slumber

Cutting logs so many, they lost track of the number

Taking a closer look, into a Nightmarish dream

She was awakened, by a loud noise and a scream

The Castle Men, were attacking her family home

She's never seen them before, their features all unknown

She saw them, taking her sister away

Her sister Domina, struggling to get free

They had her face covered, she couldn't talk or see

Filemma ran out to stop them, but was taken from behind

That was the last thing she remembered, darkness took her mind

Dark skinned, dark skinned, as the sun beat down

Her beauty spoke of royalty, but she didn't wear a crown

Just a trader of furs, nothing more than that

Living in her village home, is where she was at

Just a handful of family, were left to tend the place

All the others killed, by an enemy that showed no face

She came to, and she looked around

For traces of the footprints, and where they were bound

She'll get her sister back, no matter what it takes

Already she was feeling, all the familiar aches

Then she found herself bathing in a stream

This almost felt like, this could be a dream

Castle Men grabbed her, and tied her up real tight

Blindfolded her, and cut off her daylight

It was so tight, she'd never break free

She wished, that she could somehow see

Feeling like someone, was giving her a shake

It was Mesco, “It's time to come awake”

Realization, that the two sets of Castle Men weren't the same

It was from different places, that each of them came

So she knew the place, had to be Consoom

With a little luck, it wouldn't be her doom

They thanked the Gitchies for the feast

And the provisions to take, as they headed east

One thing Filemma thought, as they headed down the trail

They needed to free her sister, and they couldn't fail

After half a day's walk, they came to more trees

From inside the Gitchy backpack, she tasted something like cheese

She broke off a piece, and let Mesco give it a try

Then overhead, they saw something pass by

Mesco smiled, “Filemma my friend, you need not fear”

They have Flying Squirrels, in the trees over here”

Filemma asked, “have you been here before?”

Mesco replied, “Long ago with my family, we came to explore”

Mesco, do you know this area very well?”

Yes, but the last time I was here, I went through hell”

Mesco, do you have an idea where these Castle Men might be?”

I recall a large building, that's what I did see”

'If we keep following the trail, we'll be there in half a day”

Filemma smiled, as she let Mesco lead the way

Two hours later, they came to a certain spot

Okay Filemma, let's see what you got”

Mesco, what so ever do you mean?”

Time to practice that sorcery, or you'll be green”

See that large rock over there, by that tree”

I want you to hit it with your power, we'll see”

Filemma concentrated, and pushed her power out

The rock was pulverized, Mesco gave a shout

Now let's try it, with a little less force”

Filemma laughed, yet she sounded a little hoarse

Mesco pointed at another rock, not too far away

Filemma, just relax your mind, and it will be okay”

She did, and the result she used with her power

That hard rock was in a shape of a flower

Mesco laughed, his face was filled with glee

My sister use to pick these flowers, especially for me”

We called her PinRose, because she did”
“I haven't seen her, since I was a kid”

Filemma smiled, because she loved flowers too

And something else, she just somehow knew

Then she wondered, how did she know

Must be a part of her sorcery, as it was always so

Mesco smiled and said, “Now let's see how you do on a man”

Mesco, I'm not sure about this, do you think that I can?”

Just use your mind, and think about what will be”

Mesco went over, and sat under the tree

Filemma closed her eyes, visualizing Mesco here

When she opened her eyes, she saw Mesco disappear

She had no idea, that these powers did anything close

Then she felt something touch her face, like a ghost

Filemma jumped up, and turned around

She looked, but nobody was to be found

Then she heard a little laughter, and she knew

As Mesco was in front of her, he came back into view

It's a gift of my people, I learned when I was boy”

It was something that I use to, always enjoy”

Mesco, it means, I still didn't get to practice on a man”

Mesco smiled, “I've always known that you can”

How?” Filemma asked with a questioning look

Because, your visualization, is as plain as a book”

Remember when we were at the Gitchy home”

You knew without saying, that we weren't alone”

Yes!” Filemma smiled, “I felt there was someone else there”

And there was!” Mesco continued, “You were quite aware”

A little man in the shadows, with a beard”

Yes!” said Filemma, “and that seemed so weird”

What was he doing?” Filemma asked, “because I didn't look”

He was writing down everything we said, into a book”

All of a sudden, Filemma looked up at the sky

As one of those giant squirrels, went flying by

What an amazing discovery, Filemma noticed that the squirrel

Was not really a squirrel, but a small Gitchy Girl

Mesco, did you know this was part of their plan?”

Yes,” Mesco nodded, “They are the protectors of this land”

Mesco looked up, then down, and then all around

I guess this will perfect, for our sleep in the ground”

Mesco pulled out two small blanket rolls

And placed them on the ground, where there weren't any holes

The Gitchies gave them to us” Mesco said with a smile

Filemma replied, “a little bit smaller than our normal style”

Yes, but we can't be picky, and we won't get dirt on our clothes”

Not that Filemma was complaining, not one to turn up her nose

They heard forest animals, but none came too near

They slept in rotations, always open with one ear

At some point, they both were asleep in the night

Both were awakened, by the first sign of daylight

Only half a day, and they would be there

While sleepiness left them, they became more aware

They ate some of the provisions, the Gitchies had given

Both came more to life, in the land of the living

They started off on the trail, before too long

Mesco was whistling, a cheery old song

Filemma was smiling, “I know that tune”

And the trail brought them, all the way to noon

They arrived at the valley, that lead to Consoom

If they planned it well, it wouldn't lead to their doom

Filemma, I'm going to look around, I'll be right back”

I want to see who is where, so we'll have all the facts”

Mesco headed off, to check it out

While Filemma, filled her head with plenty of doubt

It seems we may have troubles, is what she thought

Getting Domina out, without us getting caught

All of a sudden she heard a noise, it was Mesco returning

She was anxious to find out, what she would be learning

There's a lot of people, workers around there”

It will be dangerous, we'll have to take care”

Listen, Filemma, I think I should go in alone”

Take a look around, and see what is known”

I want you to be my back up, only come if I say”

You're telepathic, so I'll send a message your way”

Filemma didn't like the idea, but she understood

She'd be prepared, in case he should

Mesco, how did you get caught, you seem so wise”

They came up from behind, took me by surprise”

Couldn't you have turned invisible, and gotten away?”

I wasn't quite the same man, I am today”

They shackled me, before I could be so quick”

What they did to the other captive, made me sick”

Filemma was afraid to ask, what could that be

I have an idea, because of how they treated me”

You have no idea, Filemma, I don't want to say”

They aren't men, and one day they will pay”

Be careful Mesco, I'll be listening for your words”

High above them weren't the Gitchies, but some gray birds

Mesco was silent, as he walked down the trail

Filemma pulled out a flask, and took a sip of ale

A sudden noise, made her turn her head

Look at what we have here,” one of the Castle Men said

Filemma took in about five of the men there

Her power came to life, and she was quite aware

Part of her wanted to kill them, but she tried something new

Several ideas crossed her mind, and then her powers blew

So fast, that they hardly saw it coming

Some of the men didn't get far, when they were running

The bark from the tree came off, and intertwined them all

That's when she heard, it was Mesco's call

They have me, but they think I'm alone”

Good thing these dogs, have themselves a bone”

Filemma knew, there was a message there

Oh yes, he'll keep them busy, and I'll do my share

She kept a branch in her hand, as she walked ahead

Remembering some words, that her Mama said

Sometimes there are things you'll have to do”

You have the power within, it'll help you though”

These were one of those times, I guess”

Well, I'll just have to do my best”

She sat down by a tree, to meditate

Get in focus, but there was no time to wait

She realized with her gift, she was the friend of the tree

Using her powers from within, she would set her sister free

She put a few small sticks, up her sleeve

Tricks to help her plan, then she started to leave

She held one branch, to get her to the door

She'd be prepared, for whatever was in store

She practiced with the branches, a time or two

She was prepared, and she knew what to do

She watched the Castle, from the top of the hill

Everything seemed too quiet, eerily quite still

They could have set a trap for me”

I'll have to be cautious and see”

She was at the front door, ready for anything

Wondering what her entrance would bring

Small branches ready, she opened the door

Yet it was absent of life, just like before

What could have happened here?”

Then she heard a small voice, whisper in her ear

They were taken away, with creatures with skin of blue”

The purple haired man tried to escape, but there was nothing he could do”

She looked up to see on her branch, a little yellow bird there

I'm a Warbler, there's no need for you to stare”

The Gitchies are close friends of mine”

I knew trouble came, they sent me a sign”

Filemma had to know, “Can you describe these creatures of Blue?”

They looked like giant bugs, there was nothing I could do”

She looked up to see on her branch, a little yellow bird there

I'm a Yellow Warbler, there's no need for you to stare”

The Gitchies are close friends of mine”

I knew trouble had come, they sent me a sign”

Filemma had to know, “Can you describe these creatures of Blue?”

They looked like giant bugs, there was nothing I could do”

Call me Yarby, what do they call you?”

Filemma,” she replied, as she thought of the bugs of blue

I came from beyond the mountains, from the west”

Yarby chirped and said “That's where I use to have my nest!”

Any idea Yarby, where those blue bugs took everyone?”

I have an idea,” Said Yarby, “but it won't be any fun”

They live a long journey away, in a giant Hive”

Many times their hostages, are barely kept alive.”

That was all Filemma needed to hear

Just what she needed, more things to fear

You've been to the Hive before?”

Yes Filemma, but they don't use a door”

Yarby, I think I need to get on my way”

You won't want to come along, it'll take more than a day”

I think you'll need me to come along”

So you don't take any turns that are wrong”

It took a day and a half, when Yarby finally said

It's not too far now, it is just ahead”

As they came closer, Filemma could see

Buzzing around the giant Hive, like a Blue Bumblebee

There were several of them, buzzing around the Hive

She was hoping, Mesco and her sister, were still alive

The only way in, is the the way they fly out”

She'll have to be captured, without any doubt

Yarby, I'm volunteering to be captured, and to be brought into the Hive”

I have no plans to die, my plans are to stay alive”

Filemma spotted a branch, belonging to a nearby tree

She now knew their freedom, and what would be the key

She had mastered, the magic of the tree

Hoping her plan, would set them all free

Climbing wasn't something, she liked to do

Yet she had to climb, to make her plans come true

When she got to the branch, she had chosen to be

With a thought from within, it grew larger on the tree

Then the branch stretched, as if it was alive

Until the branch was over, the entry to the Hive

Directly over the hole, that would lead the way

She was just hoping, all would go okay

She had the branch, bring her through like a rope

Once she was inside, then she'd have to cope

These flying blue buzzers, saw her arrive

Attacked her, trying to defend their Hive

She pulled the small branches, out of her sleeve

As her eyes looked around, it was hard to believe

She saw Mesco, and her sister, up on the wall

And several others, she hadn't time to count them all

First she would have to stop the blue bees, who were now in a rage

It had come to her suddenly, these branches would build a cage

Next she had to get them, all into one place

Without them realizing that, that could be the case

She had them chase her, until there was no way out

They moved in much closer, until there was no doubt

She let loose the branches, and they formed a cage

She watched as the blue buzzers, went into a rage

She saw Yarby was there, pecking on the wall

Working her way, to releasing them all

Filemma went to the wall, helping each one down

That sticky stuff that held them, was a light brown

When Mesco came down, there was a smile on her face

You've mastered the branches!” as he gave her an embrace

Her sister, Domina, with tears in her eyes

Was happy, that she didn't crystallize

She got down, and embraced her sister so tight

A kiss on her cheek, they were close to the same height

Then in the cage, a small fire built to a flame

In a puff of smoke, nothing was the same

Those flying blue bugs, had quickly disappeared

Their threat now, was nothing to be feared

They all made their exit, out of the Hive

Glad to know, they all remained alive

After a journey back to the Castle, they gathered by the Well

Everyone has so much to share, and so much to tell

As darkness arrived, and it became night

There came a glow, of a bright purple light

Mesco!” Filemma smiled, “Why is your hair growing so bright?”

Mesco replied smiling, “It happens when I'm happy, and filled with delight”

Finally they all turned in, for they deserved a good rest

While Yarby sang in the distance, as she sat by her nest


Outside of the village Turvo, sits a little yellow bird

Watching and listening, to everything he saw and heard

Savage men pushing a man with dark hair

The village was in ruins, everyone was in despair

Other savages had a woman, with hair of white

The little yellow bird took note, of everything in sight

Into the small forest, is where they were lead

He noticed the spears that they had, had a tint of red

Yarby the Yellow Warbler decided, it would be easier in flight

He's glad he found them again, out of the forest to the right

He knew where they were going, into the jungle of Nizami

Once they were taken there, nobody was ever set free

Yarby flew back, to his friends at Castle Vovo

Sure that the news would be a hard blow

As he got closer, he saw some smoke rising

But that wasn't the reason, it seemed so surprising

He saw some Gitchies, and they weren't alone

The same kind of savages, but he was about the unknown

He heard a sound, coming from a tree

A Gitchy was on a branch, so nobody could see

Yarby landed on a branch, which was easy for this bird

While the Gitchy named Hakara, told him all that was heard

We saw the savage people, set fire, and we set them free”

They caught my friends, so I am up here in this tree”

Hakara gave a bird call, and who should it be

Filemma, Domina, and Mesco, appearing from behind a tree

Yarba and Hakara moved down, closer to the three

They discussed on how to, set the Gitchies free

Yarby flew off, soon he would return

To find those savages, and what else he could learn

He couldn't understand the savages, but the Gitchies were unharmed

That was the only good news, so they shouldn't be alarmed

He flew back to his friends, with all of his news

His wings brought him quickly, there was no time to lose

Telling them what he saw, just down the road

Five Savages had the Gitchies, in a captive mode

They were bound together, with some kind of rope

Filemma smiled, because now there was some hope

It was too bad that they had to be caught

As her mind drifted, becoming one thought

She wondered if the magic, that she used on the tree

Would work on the rope, and set the Gitchies free

She threw a thought out there, with an image in her mind

To see if it would work, or what else she would find

All of a sudden, three Gitchies came into sight

They were smiling, all filled with delight

When they were closer, one of them said

For a moment there, I thought we were dead”

Then all of a sudden, we were set free”

By invisible hands, we wondered who it could be”

Suddenly those Savages, were tied up very tight”

Then we decided, it was time to take our flight”

After they had time to calm down from their recent event

Yarby told them of the village, that's where he went

Two people in the village, were taken from there”

One man with hair so very dark, a woman with white hair”

Domina gasped! “Uncle Berr and Aunt Cami!”

Filemma frowned, “who else could it be”

Yarby continued, “the man had hair on his chin”

The white haired woman, was a little too thin”

We need to free them!” she said with a thought

Too bad, that they had to be caught”

It's been a long time since Filemma and Domina had been there

To to return to their birth village, with a story they could share

Hakara stepped forward, “Remember the Whistle that was given to you”

Blow it for help, and we'll know what to do”

Filemma turned around, and Hakara had disappeared

It was their way, to others it still seemed so weird

Preparations didn't take long, and they were on their way

Four traveling companions, ahead was a long day

At the end of each day, they camped at night

They set off again, at the sign of first light

They didn't encounter problems, except tired feet

Yet they wondered, what creatures they would meet

It was four days, and they were almost there

They could tell, by the smell in the air

They came to a hill, overlooking the village below

Filemma and Domina, were at a place that they know

Home,” Filemma said, a smiled formed on her face

Then a frown came, remembering what happened at this place

The sooner they'd arrive, the sooner they would know

And plan a departure, for they would have to go

When they were last there, the homes were torn down

The Savages were guilty, but none were around

Stone little structures, clay to hold in place

Many rebuilt them, which was so in this case

The travelers found, they were happy to have a rest

The long journey, was truly quite a test

Filemma looked to see who was around

A Cousin she knew, was the one to be found

Calipri was one, who was high on the village committee

She held a high place, and also high authority

Calipri said there were no more trouble, since her Aunt and Uncle was taken

Security was now stronger, because so many villagers were shaken

The travelers were happy of the news

Still there were two, they didn't want to lose

All they could now, is get some good sleep

Tomorrow they would plan, on how they should leap

Everyone slept well, except for just one

Filemma dreamed of an Island, they shone like the sun

So lit up, and sparkled so bright

It shined for miles, this island of light

She woke up wondering, what could it mean

Or could it just be, a crazy old dream

She'd keep it to herself, for the time being

Yet still she was wondering, what she was seeing

During the afternoons, Filemma taught Domina the magical ways

Soon she was mastering it, in the coming days

Plans were made, of the Nizami rescue

How it would work, nobody really knew

The villagers never went into Nizami

So nothing was known, on how it would be

They have to take a chance, and hope for the best

Each knowing that, each day is a test

Filemma's dream kept replaying in her mind

She knew it was Akimbo, she must find

Akimbo was an old woman, wise and she'll know

Before any final plans, she'll know where we should go

Akimbo had long white hair, that glowed in the light

Her voice was musically pleasant, her clothes were all white

When Filemma entered with a smile, Akimbo smiled too

Oh there you are, I've been expecting you”

Filemma told her all about the dream

Akimbo looked like she was about to scream

Then she relaxed, and said with a smile

Your dream was of Mezmotza, the Light Isle”

Akimbo went on to explain about the Isle

As she was talking, she held a slight smile

It is said, all answers to magic are there”

I've been there before, and here's what I'll share”

A Wizard of Light, makes the island his home”

Living with another, so he's not alone”

Only those that are pure of heart and soul, can go”

No darkness can enter, this is something you should know”

Akimbo bowed her head, signaling that was all she knew

Filemma thanked her, that's all she could do

She returned to her friends, with a story to tell

Of an Island so bright, it could be under a spell

They were all amazed, at what she had to share

Some couldn't talk, others could only stare

The importance of this dream, was realized by each

So they all agreed, the bright isle they must reach

Mezmotza was on the Isle of Light

Where all things there, seemed to shine bright

Borkin was the path, that would lead them there

Yarby was the only companion, who would take to air

Early in the morning, they were on their way

The sun and its warmth, made for a beautiful day

Filemma had found a hand written note

That read “I've gone to get us a boat”

It didn't take them long, before they reached the shore

Mesco was with the boat, but there was even more

Pyar and Zyar, were owners of the baot they would ride

Sea men for years, they offered to be the guide

Soon they were off, to the Isle of pure light

Pyar said “We'll be there, long before night”

Zyar said “Calm waters mean there's no danger”

Upon reaching Mezmotza, things would get stranger

Later afternoon, they had a view of the Isle

Filemma looked, and then she had to smile

It was a great feeling, when the adventure began

On the shore, there was a bright glow to the sand

Upon reaching shore, Pyar pointed ahead

Just follow that path, that's where you'll be lead”

The companions started off down the trail

Filemma was thinking, “give us strength we don't fail”

The path lead to a sparkling castle, made of crystals of some kind

Filemma looked back, thankful that no one was left behind

You are all here, you can't expect any more”

A man stood in the doorway, he wasn't there before

He stood in a long glowing white robe

Inside his hands he held a globe

I saw your destiny coming this way”

I also know why, you are here today”

Filemma smiled and asked, “are you the Wizard of Light?”

The Wizard replied, “yes I am, you're very bright”

Call me Orkid, I am a Wizard, and this is my place”

We have things to discuss, which is always the case”

Before them appeared a table and chairs

Sit back and enjoy, free of all cares”

Upon the table stood food and some drinks

Orkid was smiling, and giving everyone winks

Getting past Burdoko, won't be easy at all”

He's very dark, and he's built an evil wall”

I can shed some light, on what we need to do”

Plans will come to light, as we think it through”

As our companions, headed for the boat, one thing was on their mind

They didn't remember how the conversation ended, or what it is they'd find

Bits and pieces, they knew

On what they had to do

The trip back was an easy one for each

As Pyar and Zyar brought the boat to beach

Down the Borkin path, they walked

Hurriedly on their way, they talked

Domina broke the silence, “What good can a pearl do us here?”

Against a dark Wizard, we have so much more to fear”

Orkid said,” Filemma replied, “The pearl has a sensory perception”

So, I'm sure, we shouldn't fear any reception”

He said to put it down, and it will do the rest”

Guaranteed not to fail, so it won't need a test”

They arrived at Turvo, early in the night

For our companions, it was a welcomed sight

Filemma told everyone, “Pack up what you'll carry, we leave in the morning”

With those words, the sky darkened, and they took that as a warning

It turned out that the morning brought a beautiful day

Sunny blue sky, and our companions were on their way

Before reaching Nizami, they stopped to have a bite

They went over what the recalled, at the Isle of The Light

Mesco's head was a radiant purple, as he spoke

I believe Orkid put a spell on us, some kind of a joke”

I recall him saying, “All will be remembered, when the time is right”

All will work out fine, let your power be your light”

Filemma opened her leather bag, and took a small wooden box

Gently she set it down, on a large pile of rocks

She opened it, and took out the brightest pearl ever seen

It shone upon everything, made the grass look bright green

All were looking at it, wondering, what could a little pearl do

It was beyond their knowing, they didn't have a clue

It didn't matter now, all would be revealed

Best now to keep it safe, and to keep it sealed

Our companions were ready, to enter Nizami

All were on the look out, for all that they could see

They came to the entrance, stairs leading down

Each of them looking, each wearing a frown

You must go down them to get anywhere”

It was Orkid's voice, they began to stare

Orkid,” Filemma said, “you sound muffled, like you're in a box”

You could say I am, at the bottom, watch out for the rocks”

At the bottom of the long stairs, were some large rocks

Mesco said “Be careful, and please watch your socks”

They climbed over the rocks, and were on solid ground

Several human skeletons, is what they had found

After an agreement, on which way to go

Whether it was the right, they didn't know

There was a passage that lead to the right

The passage was darker, with very little light

Open the box” came Orkid's voice

Filemma did so, and easier became their choice

Light illuminated the whole passageway

What once was night, now became day

They came to a two way Passageway

But which was the one, where danger lay

Either way, we must move ahead”

Filemma's fear was in what she just said

They came to a place where stood a wooden door

Orkid's voice screamed “Get down on the floor!”

That yell was enough, to get them to the ground

The explosion was quite a thunderous sound

Filemma looked around, to see if everyone was okay

She picked up her leather bag, and then stepped away

Mesco looked around and asked “What was that all about?”

Orkid responded “A Magical seal, no doubt”

Set to the foot fall vibrations of your feet”

Now is a good time to rest and to eat”

After eating and resting, they started up once more

Each one now knowing, stay away from every door

Orkid's voice, “There will be traps like that, all along the way”

My feelers will help, so listen to all that I say”

They had come to a huge cavern, where they stopped and looked around

There were many passages, they noticed black marbles on the ground

Orkid's voice again, “Do not touch them, they're a trap!”

Then came a sound, like a loud thunder clap

A male Gitchy was standing in a passageway, all alone

He looked taller than most, because he was standing on a stone

He talked, “I commend you for getting this far”

He pointed at the box, “It's only because of who you are”

Orkid's voice “A dark Gitchy, I should have known”

Call me Xartoff, but I am not alone”

Several other Gitchies stood around him, from out of nowhere

It's a trap!” shouted Orkid, there was a fizzling in the air

The Gitchies were gone, and in their place were marbles of black

Which told Orkid, why the Gitchies, didn't attack

The Black Marbles,” Orkid said, “are deadlier than you knew

Don't go near them, or they'll attach themselves to you”

And that won't be good, dark magic is at work”

Which means only, that nearby Burdoko must lurk”

All of a sudden, a dark cloud appeared

Domina said, “It was just as we feared”

Oh yes, be afraid, as you'll never get past me”

Moving quickly, Filemma set the pearl free

She rolled it towards the dark Wizard, not too far away

Dark and light merged, changing into a cloud of gray

In a cloud containing dark and light

Was a battle that made an eerie sight

Nobody could tell who was winning

It seemed to each, that their world was spinning

Mesco took control, there were three ways to go

To search for the prisoners, only one could be so

They split up, and each went down one

Whoever found them first, it wouldn't be fun

Filemma found her passage lit in bright red

She followed the light, to see where it lead

A little further, she saw cells off to the right

The red light, seemed to get a little more bright

She saw some prisoners, all had a bright red glow

She couldn't understand why, but she wished to know

She spotted her Aunt and Uncle, they were red too

Did the dark Wizard do this, she wished she knew

She called to her Aunt and Uncle forward they came

She hoped this wasn't, some sort of game

Fil,” her Aunt asked, “Did you hear what I said?”

Filemma asked, “Why are you all glowing red?”

Her Aunt and Uncle started out loud

Her Uncle said, “Your Mom would be proud”

It's your homing beacon,” her Aunt said with a smile

Red light is our family color, the glow is our style”

All of a sudden, five dark Gitchies appeared

Filemma thought, “it was just as I feared”

Behind them, came a slight sound

Mesco had tossed something on the ground

Up in smoke, suddenly the dark Gitchies were not here

While the prisoners waited, for all the smoke to clear

How?” Filemma looked at mesco, wondering why

Mesco replied, “ Black Marbles, it's not a good day to die”

Filemma concentrated on the cell door

In minutes, it fell to the floor

Her Aunt smiled, “You've done quite well”

Auntie,” Filemma responded, “I have so much to tell”

In the passageway, appeared someone in gray

They didn't know who it was, it was hard to say

Domina was the first to ask the stranger who

I am Borkido the Gray, can I come with you?”

I'm sorry,” Filemma said, “You are someone we don't know”

Being a stranger, we can't take you with us when we go”

The Gray stranger said “Look closely if you will”

Yarby flew in front of him, recognition was his skill

Yarby said “He sure looks like Orkid, I'd say”

The rest agreed, that he did in a way

They were all staring, and when they were done

Borkido said, “I am Orkid and Burdoko, combined as one”

Mesco smiled and said, “Magic! You merged to gray”

Borkido smiled slightly, “Yes, but I hope it won't stay”

Filemma asked, “How do we know that the dark won't prevail over the light”

Borkido replied, “We're in balance, the left and the right”

He continued, “We could come in handy, in case trouble should arise”

Mesco said “Let's let him come, he speaks the words of the wise”

Our companions returned to Turvo, with Borkido the Gray

With Yarby flying ahead, leading the way

It was another adventure, all over and complete

After a village gathering, they each put up their feet

Sleep took them over, in a dream they floated free

While a Yellow Warbler sung, perched in a nearby tree

A party in celebration, Turvo was a joyous place

Smiles and laughter, were seen on every face

A small group had gathered, Borkido had something to say

I have a secret to share, on this festive day”

There was this powerful Wizard, who was our brother”

We shared in the same Father, and the same Mother”

He was more powerful, than each of us combined”

But one day he disappeared, and now we can not find”

We searched high, we searched low”

Where he is, we just don't know”

All three of us, came from the Isle Of Light”

Looking at Filemma and Domina he said “and it's your Birthright”

Filemma and Domina surprised, looked at each other

There were only two sisters, there wasn't a brother

Borkido continued, “You two must go there, and learn all you can”

And I'll be the one who becomes the searching man”

I must find him, because he is The One”

He knows our future, after all is said and done”

Our brother is Camileon, he can change his color and shape”

He could be anything, possibly even a green grape”

The Butterfly Garden is where I will go”

Maybe one of them, will possibly know”

I leave to the garden, early tonight”

Tomorrow it's best, you set off to the Isle Of Light”

Preparations started, so much was on their mind

Their journey there, and what it is they'd find

Could Camileon, be a relative to us?”

Filemma looked at Domina, both showing a must

Borkido set off on his search

While Yarby watched it all from his perch

Light getting dimmer, sun going down

If a warbler could, he'd be wearing a frown

Borkido hoped to reach the Garden by daylight

Until that time came, he must journey through night

The next day, our companions were ready to go

Down the path, wishing there was more to know

Two hours later, the forest got thicker

Filemma had to pull off, a little picker

They reached the beach, in very good time

Barring their way was a Gitchy, with a message of crime

My name is Okara, and I bring news that will itch”

The isle of light, was taken over by a witch”

Mesco exclaimed “We aren't afraid of any witchy”

The Isle is now night, with dark magic” said the Gitchy

The Gitchy handed something to Filemma, what could it be

It's a small lantern, that will help you to see”

Remember that the light has turn to dark”

Use this lantern to see, it'll be more than a spark”

With that, Okara disappeared from the scene

Filemma looked at the lantern, so shiny and clean

Filemma said “I feel there's a message here”

With this lantern, we have less to fear”

Borkido's journey, in search of his brother

Took several days, give or take another

He knew where the Butterfly Garden should be

Yet, there were no butterflies, that he could see

I assume you're looking for me”

Said a Rainbow Dragonfly, passing a tree

Very colorful” said Borkido with a smile

Yes, I've been one for a very long while”

Borkido said “I didn't think I'd find you”

If I didn't wish to be found, then it would be true”

I came to give you some news, you need to know”

I already know, my crystal ball had a lot to show”

Meanwhile, our companions were on the Borkin Path to the shore

Wondering what lay ahead, what lay in store

Yarby had flown ahead, and had Pyar and Zyar prepare a boat to go

Upon arrival to the shore, the brothers had the boat ready to flow

Pyar and Zyar were told of their darkest enemy yet

Pyar replied “No worries here, I just don't want to get wet”

Filemma held the lantern, wondering what it could do

I guess only time will tell, another adventure to get through

As they got closer to the Isle Of Night, it got darker

That Witch's powers, made it hard to see the marker

Pyar and Zyar, knew where it was by heart

Each brother knew, that they also played a part

Soon it was pure night everywhere

They couldn't see anything in the water or the air

Filemma took out the lantern, and held it up high

It glowed and showed, that there was land close by

After bringing the boat to shore

The lantern got even brighter more

They've been here once before, but never at night

They wished there was, so much more light

All of a sudden, the glow flickered white

They saw something, flying their way in the night

It was a Witch, on a giant Bat

Mesco pointed, “Look, it's a a winged Rat!”

The Witch landed, the Bat flew away

She said, “Leave now, or you're going to pay!”

You don't scare us” Mesco said brave and loud

His blue glow made him look noble and proud

Mesco was running away to the right

Darker it became, as he ran into the night

The Witch waved something with her finger

The moment seemed to linger

Mesco screamed “OUCH!” from the dark

Filemma noticed the lantern left off a spark

Filemma felt her whole body quake

Then Domina also started to shake

Mesco watched, as he took in an amazing sight

The Sisters were shining, in a circle of light

That lantern, also had a similar glow

The light illuminated everything, oh what a show

The Witch smiled, “Your coming of age won't stop me”

I've had many years, to come to be”

The Witch pulled up a blanket, of pure dark

Threw it over the girls, couldn't even see a spark

They couldn't talk or move, so what could they do

The blanket of darkness consumed them, Mesco knew

Oh look, a Rainbow Dragonfly, has come to play” The Witch said

Yes,” said the Dragonfly, “and the girls better not be dead”

Oh they'll wish they were, trapped in the dark”

The Dragonfly attacked, but missed his mark

The Rainbow Dragonfly's colors, were surrounding the Witch

It was a colorful trap, for the evil dark bitch

The colors like thread, wound around her and got tighter

The darkness around her, then became much lighter

The Witch cried out, “What have you done to me?!”

The Dragonfly said, “I looked within and found a key”

From now on you'll be Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue”

A Rainbow Witch, we'll call you Witchypoo”

While Witchypoo got comfortable with her new look

The Dragonfly picked up the dark blanket and shook

The Blanket was very easy to lift

The Witch said “The Blanket is a rift”

The Dragonfly asked “What world did they go to?”

Witchypoo replied, “So many in there, I haven't a clue”

The Dragonfly responded “If anything happens to them, you'll be a dead Witch”

Then all of a sudden, the Witch started to twitch

The Dragonfly flew over, and released Mesco from his net

It was the actual first time, that they had met

Mesco said “I believe their powers of light, will set them free”

The Dragonfly replied “They get that gift, from their ancestry”

You're their Dad” Mesco said with a smile

No, Grandfather” The Dragonfly stared for awhile

Voices were coming from the dark blanket on the ground

Then it became very quiet, without even a sound

All of a sudden Filemma and Domina emerged in a blast of light

On their faces, could only be described as fright

What happened in there?” asked the Rainbow Dragonfly

Filemma replied, “There was a large alien spider, who wouldn't let us get by”

It said it was coming, for the three brothers who trapped it there”

It said they couldn't hide, it would find them anywhere”

What did it mean by that?” Filemma said with a frown

The Rainbow Dragonfly replied, “It's a long story, you better sit down”

All of a sudden, the Rainbow Dragonfly changed into a man

Filemma and Domina, began to understand

You're the brother, of Orkid and Burdoko”

Yes” he replied, “And I'm the Grandfather to you”

Domina looked at Camileon, “I see the resemblance between you three”

Camileon smiled, “I figured if you looked, then you would see”

Mesco looked serious, “Is that Alien Spider, talking about you three brothers?”

Yes,” Camileon responded, “Because there aren't any others”

Grandpa,” Filemma asked, “Why is it after you?”

Camileon looked up, “Listen while I tell you a story that's true”

It took all three of us, to bannish the Spider from this place”

Filemma could see, the look of sadness on his face

Your parents were killed by it, I'm sorry to say”

I blame myself for it, every single day”

I should have known, it would hurt us the worst”

Azaxo was a terror, and it had a killing thirst”

Being an alien, your parents were caught in a trap”

A large poisonous sticky web, and my powers couldn't zap”

It was a slow death, there was nothing I could do”

I tried to think of something, but didn't have a clue”

I knew Fortuana had a sister, in the village there”

So I brought you sisters to her, to be in her care”

Your father was Filup, a better son he couldn't be”

Our powers together, couldn't even set them free”

A tear fell, from Camileon's eye

And now you know, the reason why”

Borkido stood on the beach, not too far away

Our brother speaks the truth, the day of reckoning is here”

Azaxo's revenge is at hand, and this is something to fear”

Mesco said, “Revenge? Why? I just can't see”

Camileon replied, “Because we killed it's family”

Right after it killed Filup and Fortuana, we did”

Following the tragedy, is when I hid”

Ashamed, I wasn't much of a man”

Borkido added, “One can only do the best that they can”

Camileon continued, “We banned Azaxo to the Black Void forever”

I should have known, that he would be more clever”

An Alien Spider, how can we possibly win?”

Filemma said, “ How can we possibly lose, until we begin”

The Rainbow Witch chimed in with, “Let's kill the Spiders, okay!”

A voice out of nowhere sounded, “Then you better do it today”

Turning around, Azaxo was there, with smile on his face

It's time to kill the light, and we won't even leave a trace”

The spiders were spinning their deadly webs, readying for the fight

While our companions, were combining all of their light

Domina asked, “Why can't we banish them back into the black?”

Camileon answered, “Because, they would keep coming back”

Camileon continued, “As much as I had using the Killing Effect”

It comes down to this world, that we must protect”

The Rainbow Witch swirled her fingers, and pointed at the ground

There before them at their feet, a Rainbow Ant was found

Camileon asked, “Nice, but how will that help us in our fight?”

Witchypoo replied, “The darkness was changed by Rainbow Light”

Camileon replied, “Not sure it will work, but it sure is worth a try”

Filemma said, “It sure beats seeing anyone die”

Witchypoo raised her Rainbow wand, and she jerked

One of the spiders were rainbow colored, so it must have worked

That spider left the others, and then it turned

Through the Rainbow Magic, something was learned

One limb raised, to the others spiders there

All turned into Rainbow Spiders, without a worry or a care

Azaxo came forward, as if to have something to say

We can never go back home, this way”

They'll never accept us now, we're stuck here”

Witchypoo heard, as she was standing near

I could use a Rainbow Army, and you'll do just fine”

You'll find you'll like it, on this land of mine”

Yarby was watching, from a distant tree

Was singing, so glad it ended happily

He flew off to a pond, to get a little wet

As he came in for a landing, down came a net

Just before he lost consciousness, he saw a blue man with purple hair

It got him thinking, what was Mesco doing here?