Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Ice Shack

The Ice Shack

© by Bud Lemire on Jan 24, 2018

He went fishing, out at his Ice Shack

Got to be careful, of that one large crack

Throw the line in, and see if you get a bite

See the line pulling, you can't beat that sight

Maybe I'll catch a perch, or a bigger fish”

My mouth is watering, sure would look good on my dish”

Maybe a Trout, a Whitefish, or Blue gill will take the bait”

I'll just sit here in my shack, and I will wait”

Inside my shack, it is warm and I can sit”

I love being out here, and it's so hard to quit”

A hole for my line to go in, wishing for the best luck”

Just the other day out here, I saw a mallard duck”

A few Canadian Geese, are also around here”

I heard them, as I was unloading my fishing gear”

So peaceful, as I sit waiting for a bite”

Catching many fish, is a highlight”

I guess I'll wrap it up, supper is on the table”

My wife and I will watch TV, we've got cable”

In da Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we have the

Ice Shacks, where people take their chances going

out to put up a shack or a tent, and drill a hole, in

hopes of catching a fish to their liking. Years ago,

I went to see my Dad's Ice Shack.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Chop Suey

Chop Suey

© by Bud Lemire on Jan 24, 2018

There's a meal my Mom would fix for me

Water Chestnuts, bamboo chutes, what could it be

Chow Mein noodles, soybeans and poured over rice

Pork and Beef, and it sure was really nice

Put a little Soy Sauce on it, and it will taste great

A special meal for me, that I always ate

Must be my Birthday, or a special day for me

I sure do love Chop Suey, no matter what day it be

Back then, I filled my plate

I was happy, because it sure was great

I still love Chop Suey, but don't eat it like before

I have it now and then, when I buy it at the store

Thinking back ro those days, are memories I cherish in my heart

The foods that Mom made, were a delightful work of art

She always did her best, delicious food for her family

She made each meal with love, and I knew that was the key

Every time when my Birthday came, she would fix Chop Suey, and it

was such a special day because I loved it. Sometimes she would just

make it, because she knew I liked it. It was always a special day when

we had it. Pork and Beef, perfectly cooked. Chop Suey vegetables added.

Poured over rice and Chow Mein noodles. Add a touch of Soy Sauce, and

it was the best. Thank you Mom!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Paper Fortune Teller

Paper Fortune Teller

© by Bud Lemire on Jan 24, 2018

I remember as a kid, my sister would approach me

In her hands she held a paper Fortune Teller, “Pick a Number and you will see”

Once you picked a number, she'd open it up to see

Next was picking a color, and that choice was up to me

After the basic choices, there would be more

I kept wondering, what else could be in store

Every Paper Fortune Teller, was different than the last

It was meant to tell my future, not to tell me past

When it came to colors, I would usually pick blue

Always wondering if what was written, would come true

You could use different categories in this game

It was fun to see, if it would turn out the same

Online, there are directions on how to make them too

If you follow directions, that's all you have to do

Make one to suit your interests, then when you are done

You'll have had a great time, and a little bit of fun

I wonder, what will your future be

What is it, that the Fortune Teller will foresee

Reminded me a bit of the 8-Ball that tells your future.

It was fun just to see what my sister wrote down.

I seem to recall making one too, and adding my own

future choices for others to try. It was enjoyable on

a rainy day. Or just any old day when not much

else was happening. Who else remembers these?

Friday, January 19, 2018

Running Bird

Running Bird

© by Bud Lemire on Jan 18, 2018

Her name was Running Bird, she couldn't fly

Rescued and given care, she would always try

A Gold Finch at birth, with all of her might

In this life, she put up a good fight

Then came a loud sound , she ran up a tree

Without her flight, it was the only way to flee

A woman at the window, watches with a smile

Not leaving her place, she's there for quite awhile

“I left my nest, so very long ago”

“She took me in, her caring I know”

“I wonder if the other birds knew”

“My courage came, all because of you”

“You gave me hope, despite my lack of flight”

“That in each day, I'd have your guiding light”

“I know, you'll be watching out for me”

“Your home is my comfort, when I think of thee”

Then Running Bird, ran up the tree high

The woman watched, as she began to fly

She flew by the window, but not for a final goodbye

“When I'm this way again, I'll stop in to say hi”

This is dedicated to a special woman who has a wonderful

heart filled with love for the creatures of this world. She

loves me, and I love her. I am as blessed as “Running Bird”

to have this woman's love. People, caring for the other

creatures in this world, is a good way to show your appreciation

for those we share this world with. Every thing here on this

planet is precious. Thank you Vicki!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

© by Bud Lemire on Jan 10, 2018

I'm looking for that one piece, it could be anywhere

I find a different one, that goes over there

I start with the border, and work the others into place

When I'm working alone, I goes at a very slow pace

As I get more into it, it starts picking up speed

I sort through the colored pieces, that will give me a good lead

A thousand piece puzzle, is a good one for me

It's a great challenge, and now and then I have company

I like a beautiful scene, with lots of details throughout

To me, that's what doing a jigsaw, is all about

To sit down, and have a peace of mind

As I look for that one piece, I hope I'll find

Sometimes you pick a piece, never knowing where it will go

Looking over the puzzle and the box, “Oh, now I know”

I hate it when there's pieces missing

But it's part of life, and I won't be hissing

Give me a jigsaw, one piece at a time

Passing it by, would be such a crime

Interlocking, is truly the best kind

Yet, some border pieces, are too hard to find

A jigsaw puzzle, is perfect for me

To relax, and enjoy, quite naturally

During the Winter months, when I'm not

outside as much due to the cold weather.

I am working on a jigsaw, trying to piece

together the bigger picture. It is a challenge.

But with patience, and time, all will fall into place.

Sounds a bit like life, doesn't it?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste

© by Bud Lemire on Jan 8, 2018

Why should I copy and paste

To me, it's such a waste

It might be the latest trend

But it's not time I would spend

Use original words, and speak from the heart

Don't dribble off others, it smells like a fart

Nobody should have to copy and paste, it's a matter of will

These repetitious words, are like a bad tasting pill

I believe in the words, not the way that its done

These childish acts, are not for everyone

Drop the copy and paste part, write something new

Use your mind and heart, and that will do

Why does everyone feel, that if it says copy and paste

Then on their page, the same words must be placed

If someone jumped off a cliff, would you do that too

People will respect you, for being a original you

So do it right, by using your head

Don't act too quickly, go where you're lead

Exclude the words “Copy & Paste”

Then your words will be better embraced

This is for all the people who have words on their

page, which end in a Copy & Paste this to your

wall. It's a Pet Peeve of mine. I prefer originality.

I prefer leaving the Copy & Paste to your Wall off.

If people like something enough, they will do that.

Next week, we'll talk about why “I need a hug, I

wonder if anyone reading this will give me a hug”

bothers me so much too.

Sunday, January 7, 2018



© by Bud Lemire on Jan 7, 2018

I met him here at the Harbor Tower one day

After chatting with him, I knew he was okay

At the time he had a bicycle, that he would ride

It was a blue one, and I'd see him ride it outside

I'd always joke around with him, that was me

He even took time to show me his family tree

Raised in the Keweenaw Peninsula, he's been everywhere

He has a long gray beard, and a head of gray hair

I saw him working, on a jigsaw puzzle in the lobby

I thought to myself, he's picked up a wonderful hobby

I'd visit with him, and soon I was involved

We'd take turns throughout the day, until it was solved

When he got a vehicle, he'd ask if I wanted to go Wal-Mart

We'd end up there, or Meijer, and I'd have a cart

We went looking at Christmas Lights one night

I took pictures, and they were quite a sight

Well Buddy Boy, it's time for me to move away”

But if I'm coming down here, I'll call you that day”

I might even send a jigsaw puzzle to you”

If I see a good one, you'll know what to do”

Some people said he was a drifter

I always thought of him, as an uplifter

He was a friend to many, who are living here

A good man, to me he is a friend who is dear

This is for a friend, Michael Kezele. Who became

my friend while he lived here at Harbor Tower.

Now he's moved on to Iron Mountain. But I don't

think I've seen the last of that man, and his smiling

face. But I'm sure he's making friends wherever he