Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What We Become

What We Become

© by Bud Lemire on Dec 8, 2018

Our parents teach us, the best that they can

With hopes that we, will follow the plan

It doesn't matter, where we come from

It's what we do with what we have, and what we become

It's what we want, it's what we need

That's measured out, in the life that we lead

To make each moment, count for something more

To me, I believe, that's what we're living for

Leaving an impression, for others to follow

To fill our roles, with a life we can swallow

The path we travel, on the journey we take

Will have challenges, with each choice we make

Within, we have the strength to prevail

It's our journey, so how can we fail

If we get stuck, and we're in doubt

We need to reaffirm, what life is about

I find helping others, is something I treasure

A life's gift, that is always a pleasure

You may want to sit, and do nothing at all

If that's the case, I hope you hear the call

When you are older, and are looking back

What was needed, what did you lack

We have so much that we could do, in our life's total sum

It's what we do with what we have, and what we become

I truly believe, we have it in us to become what we truly wish to be.

We just have to strive for it. Even if we think we are going in the

wrong direction and realize it, we have the power to change it

and go in the right direction. Our life is ours to live, and mold

it into what we want. No matter where we are, or who we are.

Be someone that you can be proud of in yourself, because it is

all about What We Become.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Faith In Us

Faith In Us

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 28, 2018

You have to have faith in us

Believe and have some trust

Remember what we have, is the very best

What we each go through, is only a test

Many times, we keep learning about each other

So that we can give, the best love to one another

We learn about ourselves, with every step we take

The life we have together, is only ours to make

Whenever we wonder what happened, to keep us apart

Remember our love is best together, then we can restart

Then our love, can resume

Get the facts straight, never assume

Remember, our love for each other is strong

With each other, is where we belong

The batteries of our soul

When apart, will get low

We need to connect, to re-energize

Words for Twin Flames, actions for the wise

Faith in us, always believe

Love for each other, is best to receive

Why does he do that, why does she do this

Why do I feel so alone, something is amiss

What pulled you apart

Can be mended with your heart

With words of love so true

I miss, and want to be with you”

Time is wasted, cherish every minute

Love is best, when you both are in it

Think of how you feel, when you are together

Without the pain, there is constant pleasure

Remember, you can change what will be

Love spent together, is the only key

Don't belittle the other, lift them up high

A strong connection, will never mean goodbye

Tears that fall, should stay in the eye

Sadness shouldn't be, the thing that makes you cry

Love and happiness, strengthens the soul

Makes the heart beat stronger, with all it will show

The Love you share, can always be complete

If you come together, halfway you should meet

Hold true to your heart, and always trust

Believe in our love, have Faith In Us

Many times it's the little things that pull us apart.

But it's the big things that keep our love coming back

to each other. We should center on the big things, such

as how we feel when we are hearing and feeling each

other. Instead of finding flaws that we each have. Nobody

is perfect, but it's who we are, that have brought us together

in the union of love. And that love alone, should be strong

enough to keep us together, and give us the faith we need to

believe we are meant to be together, in this act of love.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Marie, A Wonderful Soul

Marie, A Wonderful Soul

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 9, 2018

There's a wonderful soul, who lives all alone

In a place where she lives, and she calls home

Her hearing isn't good, her sight isn't great

The little things in life, is what she appreciates

She watches TV, in her home every night

A special soul, who's embraced by the light

All she wants, is to be free to do

Everything, that would come easily to you

To watch the Detroit Lions, and enjoy every game

Win or lose, she'd enjoy it all the same

Her Angels surround her, all over the place

They guide her daily, with all she will face

Family stops by, to see if she is okay

Her life through the year, is a normal day

A game of Cribbage, when her Senior Companion is there

Just good company, with a good friend to share

She has a Walker, and a Wheelchair

She loves her awning, she'll sit and stare

I know this woman, and I will tell you

She appreciates everything, that you will do

If you listen closely, you just might hear

The Angels that sing, just for her ear

Let freedom be, as long as it can for this soul

Life is short enough, and this you should know

When you get older, wouldn't you like your freedom too

To still be able to do, all the things that you do

This poem is for my friend who I play Cribbage with

every Friday. Marie Sundberg. you are a dear lady

who deserves all the good things in life, Everyone

who comes into contact with you cannot help but

like you. Your soul shines and radiates for all to

see and hear. Thank you, for being my friend.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Pain, Covered Up With A Smile

Pain, Covered Up With A Smile

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 17, 2018

Life now, is nothing more than pain, covered up with a smile

I've forgotten what it is to feel normal, it's been quite awhile

I'm so tired of living every day in fear

Not so much of dying, but the pain within each year

Every moment, so scared and so unsure

Of what will happen next, hoping for a cure

They try everything, I feel like a guinea pig

A bone marrow biopsy, so much pain when they dig

Yes, I won't deny it, I get very depressed

Each day can be a struggle, because I am always stressed

Blood transfusions, always going for some test

The Doctors remind me, to take time to rest

These days I use a Walker, and I wear a mask

Then there are those people, who always have to ask

I try not to let them know, what I'm going through

In this poem right now, you will have a clue

I have to watch my body, for any symptoms that appear

Then call the Doctors quickly, which activates my fear

For many years, I have lived and battled this

Praying that some day, I'll have a little bit more bliss

Pain and fear together are no fun to have. I hope someday

that I can have a somewhat normal life again. Once again,

I hope by reading this poem, you will understand what we

have to go through on a daily basis. It is no fun, and I wouldn't

wish this on anyone.

Thanksgiving Is All About Thankfulness

Thanksgiving Is All About Thankfulness

© by Bud Lemire on Nov 9, 2018

To Me, this is the meaning of Thanksgiving

Those in my life, whether passed, or still living

Thanking those in my life, and the kindness they share

By showing me good people, and that they really care

By knowing I am in, a really good home

They truly appreciate, when I share a poem

To know I am appreciated, in all that I do

And my dear neighbor, I truly appreciate you

Everyone we touch, in our lives every day

Has some sort of effect, on us in some way

Family and friends, each person that we know

Pass through our lives, touching upon our soul

It's not really about the meal, served on Thanksgiving day

It's all about the things and people, who have touched us in some way

The people who always find a way, to always stay in touch

The ones who show us their love, and show us just how much

The ones we can feel, deep down in our heart

The ones we know, will always be a special part

Souls that connect, will never be alone

Hearts that beat together, will never turn to stone

Never let a day pass, without being thankful for love

That we feel for others, we're always thinking of

Especially I feel, on this special Thanksgiving

Thank God for those passed, and those who are still living

For they have all, touched upon our lives in a wonderful way

Thanks for what they're always giving, on this Thanksgiving Day

The Thanksgiving meal always tastes really good. Beyond that,

I am so thankful for such good friends, who show how much they

care. Being a part of my life, is truly a blessing. I am happy to

have them in my life, and to know them. Those who have passed,

continue to be watching me from Heaven. Still touching me from

that Spiritual place. Those who are in my life presently, continue

to show their love and support and friendship, in a thankful way.

So I appreciate them, and I say Thanks For The Giving, for what

you are always giving me.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

I'm Afraid Of Needles

I'm Afraid Of Needles

© by Bud Lemire on Sept 20, 2018

I'm afraid of needles, I look the other way

Wishing it was over and done, and it was yesterday

They need to take some blood, I hope they get it right

Jabbing me more than once, gives me such a fright

At first, it's just a little prick

I start a conversation, and it does the trick

Before you know it, a cotton swab is in place

You can see relief, written all over my face

I'm not the only one, who fears needles like I do

There are many of us, and I know this is true

I know, for sure, that it's all in our head

Calming words can help us, with what's being said

Distractions, keeps our mind from fear

Soothing are the words, that we always hear

Thoughts that are positive, help us make it through

These are things, that may work for you

Life can bring us many things, that can bring on fear

Some cause us so much, they bring on a tear

But if we believe, that everything will be okay

Positive thoughts, will bring us to a better day

Yes, it's true I do have a fear of needles. But I have

learned to think positive, and it does help. I have

heard of others who I would never believed, that

are afraid of them. That is why many do not go to

the Doctor unless they really need to. I can understand

their fear. But I have found ways around it. Let your

mind wander, positive thoughts, distractions, because it

is over real quick. Then you will wonder, why did you

waste time worrying about it.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow

© by Bud Lemire on Oct 4, 2018

They say I have Tennis Elbow, but I never played Tennis before

I can tell you one thing, my arm sure is sore

It feels like a snake bit me, and that snake is still there

Constant pain down my arm, as for pain, I've had my share

I went to see my Doctor, she sent me to therapy

Now I am exercising, and putting ice on me

I wonder if I'll have to eat Elbow Macaroni too

I wonder how long it'll take, before I'm through

I can feel that pain in the back of my shoulder

With that ice that I'm using, it sure is colder

They gave me a list of things I'm suppose to do

I never played Tennis, at least not that I knew

People have told me, you can get it from many things

Life and its activities, and whatever it brings

Maybe I took too many pictures, and now I'm paying the price

Or played too many games, where I was throwing the dice

I thought I did this, while asleep one night

Woke up and felt pain, like someone beat me in a fight

Or maybe while grocery shopping, my heavy backpack did this to me

Whatever the case, I wish to set this pain free

Not really sure how I got this. It's been told many people get this.

So now I'm dealing with it. I can still do most things I do, and I am

keeping the pain under control. I just need to learn to rest often,

and keep following what the therapists are telling me. The pain

seems to be lessening to some degree, so it must be working.

Anyone for Tennis? Forget it, I'm taking up Ping Pong.